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Golf Club Regripping Guide

Need to learn how to regrip your clubs? These six simple steps make regripping golf clubs easy as tying your golf shoes.
1 Place grip in vise using rubber
vise clamp, making sure that
the club face is vertical.
Carefully cut existing grip with
a utility knife. Peel off grip
and remove tape residue.

Tip:  If the existing tape is hard to
get off use a propane torch to burn
it off.  That's the way the pros do it.
2 Apply tape strip to shaft.
Allow 1/4” to extend past
end of shaft. Fold excess
tape into shaft end.
3 Apply small amount of tape
activator to shaft. Catch
excess for reuse if desired.
4 Put a small amount of tape
activator into the new grip.
Cover both ends of grip
with your fingers and shake
grip to coat the inside.
5 Install the grip by pushing it
over the taped end, making
sure that alignment marker
on grip is facing straight up.
6 Wipe off excess activator
with a dry cloth.
Learning how to regrip your golf club can help you improve your swing. Make sure to follow these six steps carefully for a new and improved golf grip.
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